"She's talented, kind, and pays careful attention to detail"

— thomas + courtney
a little bit about me
Photographer holding up a camera like she is going to take a photo but looking to the side and smiling.

the photographer

I've been taking photos since I was a young teenager and it's one of the things I've never given up on. I've always found it the most satisfying way to express myself creatively and I've continued to grow into my art and style.

I photographed my first wedding in 2017 and have been in love ever since.

Bride running towards the camera in her wedding dress and smiling to the side.

The Wife

I met my husband in middle school and we started dating in high school. We got married June 2023 and have never been happier. Since I've recently planned a wedding, I'm more than happy to give you all the advice when it comes to building your wedding team and bringing your vision to life. I even took all of this information and put it into a 25 page document for you that will help you plan and get your dream wedding photos all at once!

My advice: wear a veil and hire a planner.

Photographer walking towards the camera and smiling in front of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach.

the person

I'm a newly 28 year old who loves Jesus. I recently moved to Anacortes, WA and have been exploring all the amazing photo spots whenever I can. In my free time, I watch a lot of movies, read for my book club, and think about what beanie I'm going to wear that day.

I've literally had clients not recognize me because I didn't have a hat on.