Jan - March

Started off the year with a bang - COVID.

I welcomed in the new year in bed while watching Avatar and not even staying awake for my favorite part of the night - the fireworks.

I had a photoshoot already scheduled for the 8th so luckily it was the first day that I started to feel better because this wasn't just any photoshoot, it was my cousins engagement photoshoot!

I was nervous because I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I was hoping my creative juices hadn't run dry since I hadn't taken photos in a while, but I guess all the time I spent on my couch watching Wes Anderson movies was for my benefit because it ended up being one of my favorite sessions... ever.

Turns out that was the same day my fiancé (then boyfriend) went to pick up my engagement ring!

So it was a really good day all around.

I was hoping to do some successful Valentine's Day minis in late Jan, but they ended up not being too successful since only one couple booked.

It was an adorable maternity session and ended up turning out great! But I think I love Valentine's Day more than most others because I was so confused why nobody wanted to through rose petals around a parking garage rooftop with me!

Also took a day trip to Bainbridge Island with my parents to eat the best pizza and the most incredible Nutella dessert that I still think about to this day.

At this point, I was still working for Washington Shoe Company so March was the month we were working on all of our Pride campaign photoshoots. They were very long but amazing days of meeting new people and learning more about their experiences and views of the world.

I was also busy with my own photoshoots on the side during that same week! I had two different sessions with some friends in the city and we were able to explore areas that I had never photographed before so that is always a great time.

AND I got engaged that week! With the help of Jennie from Rainy Day Picnics, Jarrett was able to pull off a total surprise proposal while also having a photographer present. Snaps for him.

Busy busy week but it ended on such a high note.

April - June

April was spent working and diving head first into wedding planning.

Did lots of location scouting for work photoshoots: Spring Catalogs and Girl Scouts. Big things!

May started off with reconnecting with some friends from high school and taking their engagement photos since they won my Instagram giveaway back in Feb! I had finally hit 1,000 followers and wanted to celebrate and give back to the people who are supporting my work and art in any type of way.

We also took a drive over the mountains to visit Jarrett's parents and I can never stop myself from taking photos on that drive. There was still snow and some of my favorite views are seen during that drive.

In June I was feeling incredibly inspired to take more photos for myself. We went to a wedding in Montana so we decided to continue up to Banff because it was a place that I have always wanted to visit, and it was the best decision! Due to that, I was in the car a lot and started envisioning a lot of shoots and concepts that I wanted to create when we got back home. Spoiler alert: those never ended up coming to life. Oh well. Sometimes just being creative in your head is okay.

Right after that, I was able to capture my first surprise proposal! It was for some friends of mine that do photoshoots with me often, so it was easy to surprise her while getting in on camera :)

Some sunny golden hour engagements closed out the month for me and it was the best. Even though the beach was full of people, we were able to make it feel like it was just them embracing the golden hour sunshine and frolicking in the water.


The beginning of July was easy to celebrate because I was given the opportunity to photograph my uncle and (now) aunts wedding day! This was my fourth wedding and it was my first time shooting a fully indoor wedding so it was exciting but nerve wracking. It was also Jarrett's first wedding that he second shot with me! Since then, he's shot one more with me and he is a complete lifesaver when it comes to coordinating photos throughout the day. The photos turned out great and the couple/my whole family loves them!

More work photoshoots closed out July and took me through most of September: end of summer, back to school, and early fall content was needed.

Luckily I was able to book a few photoshoots at the end of September for myself. My friend (and fellow photographer) Celene and her husband wanted to renew their wedding vows on their fourth anniversary in the same spot they took their wedding photos! That was a very memorable and special experience for me. I highly encourage doing that with your SO!

Grad photo season arrived! Brady's mother connected with me and I was able to take some photos of him with his car that he loves and takes care of, along with his football uniform. I was also able to take some grad photos for a family friends daughter who I cheered with for years! She was graduating from UW and it really felt like time had flown by.


October ended up being my last month working at Washington Shoe Company!

Jarrett and I were not happy at either of our jobs and were ready for a change. He got an opportunity to work for a different company that would require us to move to a different area in WA state so I would have to leave my job. We decided that it was the perfect time to finally leap into full time photography on my own! So far, it's been the best decision.

Jarrett and I celebrated our new adventures by spending one week at home and one week in Canada!

Once we got started working in early November, I jumped head first into doing things for my business like starting a Tik Tok account (still working on being consistent), creating client guides, and redoing my website.

I also was able to photograph some new friends, some old ones, maternity and two of my couples engagement sessions that have booked me for weddings in 2023!

2022 ended with friends, family and lots of food!

It was such an amazing year that has jump started so many adventures for me regarding photography and my own personal life.

Can't wait for 2023!