I've only moved to Anacortes 6 months ago, but I've already fallen in love with the area so much! It has the feeling of small town without being disconnected from everything you need. However, my favorite thing about Anacortes is the sheer amount of accessible photoshoot locations that are drop dead gorgeous! Whether you're a fellow photographer or a couple looking for a location for their next photoshoot, I would love to pass along my knowledge.

If you see a spot that you would love to have your photos taken at, reach out! As an Anacortes photographer, I'd love to make that happen.

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Bowman Bay Trail

Bowman Bay Trail is a great option for you forest lovers. It's an easy walk between Rosario Beach and Bowman Bay that will give you plenty to work with. There are breathtaking views like the spot in the photo below, along with tree lined paths that will make you feel like you're in the middle of the woods. Not only will you get great photos but you'll have an amazing view of the water as you enjoy your walk from one end to the other. Park at either Bowman Bay or Rosario Beach and take advantage of those locations as well while you are there.

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Deception Pass Bridge

This spot is no secret. It's one of the most photogenic bridges in Western Washington and it's so easily accessible! There are parking spots on either side of the bridge and you can walk underneath to explore the area further. I love finding an open spot to get the breathtaking bridge in the background of the shot. If you're waiting for crowds to disappear or rain to clear up, check out the Goose Summit hiking trails. You'll get grand trees on either side of the trails and it's a bit more secluded than the bridge so you won't have to worry about Photoshopping a crowd of people out.

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Rosario Head/Rosario Beach

This was the very first photoshoot location I discovered her when I was still living down near Seattle. I would make the drive a few times a year and it was always so worth it. I was obsessed from the very first time I came here, and I can't get over the fact that it's an easy 15 minutes from my house now! This location is so versatile that I don't think I will ever get tired of shooting here. There is a beach with loads of driftwoods, grassy fields, picnic tables, rustic wooden fences, and the jaw dropping cliffs at the top of the hill. The last couple I photographed here said "I feel like we're in Scotland right now!" and that's how I feel every time. It's an expansive space with gorgeous views of the water that you can get from all angles. Each time I go here, I discover a new area that I fall in love with.

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Washington Park

Washington Park is an area that I discovered recently and I cannot wait to explore it more this summer! Not only is this overlook insanely gorgeous, but the drive to get there makes me giddy every time. It has so many nooks and crannies that I imagine shooting in that would be so beautiful. The tree lined road with the water peeking through gives me California vibes and I can't get enough of it. There is a campground here so if you have a sick van or cute car setup, this would be a perfect spot to show that off. The trails just keep on going so if you want to avoid having to walk back uphill, then you can still get amazing views from the top.

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North Beach

North Beach is still part of Deception Pass State Park. This park is massive! West Beach is here too, but I find North Beach a little bit better for photoshoots. Especially, since it's closer to the Deception Pass bridge that we all know and love. This location has three main parts that I love to utilize: the smaller part of the beach closer to the bridge, the cliff accessible from the parking lot, and the bigger part of the beach on the other side of the cliff. Not only will you have a rocky beach to work with, but there are patches of trees on both parts of the beach so you can still get some of those stereotypical PNW looking photos.

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