For this shoot I used a Canon 80D, Sigma 24-70mm lens, and a 28mm Creator FX Vintage Mist Filter.

Edited using Athena + Camron's Seasons AI Presets + Dylan Fox presets.

My excitement for this engagement photoshoot started when Courtney sent me pictures of the dresses she was planning on wearing.

My. Mouth. Dropped.

People may not know but clothing that is flowy and promotes a lot of movement while shooting is a photographers dream!

Casual outfits are always fun to photograph, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to engagement photos don't be afraid to go big!

The weather was not looking great for us so we were going back and forth on whether we should reschedule, but I was hopeful that we would still be able to get great photos no matter what. I have umbrellas and a little rain coat for my camera so I'm always prepared for rainy weather.

Praise Jesus because the hope did not go to waste and the weather turned out absolutely beautiful! We started around 2pm at the trailhead of Goose Summit to utilize the tree lined trails. Something I knew that Courtney and Thomas really wanted was a forest-y PNW vibe so I knew this would be the perfect spot to begin. The light was peeking through the trees, the trails were empty, and the greens were popping!

We moved to the other side of the Deception Pass bridge and changed into casual outfits since I knew it was going to require more climbing and sitting poses.

Thomas and Courtney were really excited about the photos I sent them when location scouting of the views of the bridge from underneath so that's the next spot we went to! It was mostly cloudy (yay!) but we were lucky to have the sun "soft smiling" down on them from in between the clouds.

After we explored that beautiful area, we drove 5 minutes to Rosario Beach. I knew I wanted to get up to the cliffs for any sort of sunset we might get.

Courtney brought her second dress so I had her change into a third and final outfit because I knew that the wind would get that dress flowing! And I was right :)

I was literally squealing with joy and running around after them to get all the different shots and angles because it was just too gorgeous.

Something I've noticed in those photos is my composition. It's something that I've wanted to work on improving. I want my photos to be timeless but still have a sort of artistic way about them.

And I think I definitely moved in the right direction during this shoot.

There are several photos in this collection that I wouldn't recognize as my work but that I LOVE. And I think that's really cool and shows that I'm growing and trying new things.

We ended the shoot with a signature Lacey move: a champagne bottle pop!

Highly encourage you to bring a bottle of bubbly to all engagement shoots so your couples can have a fun and enjoy a celebratory moment. It gets them laughing, it's something that they don't have to worry about posing for, and they get to sip on the rest of the bottle on the way back to the car which is always a bonus.