"Lacey completely captured our important moments as well as the subtle glances in between. You can see the dedication and time she puts into each photo."

-Hannah + Jaron

This wedding experience was so special for me because this was my cousins wedding day!

I was so excited and honored that I was able to be with her throughout the entirety of this special day from the getting ready moments to the last private dance at the very end of the night.

Hannah and her girls got ready in a suite at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Washington. The beautiful window in the bedroom provided me with the light I needed to take the Getting Ready photos while her Hollywood curls were setting and her mother helped put on her dress. Plus, the delicate and sheer curtains added amazing texture and movement that I defiantly took advantage of during this time.

Hannah chose to do a first look with her father and fiancé.

Hannah and I had gone to this hotel together prior to the wedding day to figure out where we wanted these photos done, and we absolutely loved these big windows for the first look with her father. We made our way down the elevator and she slowly started walking towards her dad who totally burst into tears when he turned around! Neither of us expected him to have this reaction but this couple of minutes turned into some of my favorite photos of the day!

Next, we went down the escalator so Hannah could walk up the stairs to meet her fiancé who was standing on the landing of the large staircase in the lobby. He was so excited to see her, hug her, laugh with her and finally get to experience this day with her by his side. To his surprise, Hannah had a special gift for him that she gave him during this time which made it extra fun!

Now it's time for couple photos!

When Hannah and I scouted out this hotel, we figured out where we wanted to take their couple photos so it made this time go by quickly and efficiently. We had a great time using this hotels light, stairs, lines and ELEVATORS. Hannah knew she wanted flash photos in the elevators so we spent a good amount of time getting these and we both love how they turned out!

At the end, we came across this wall that we wanted to use and this was when I was able to get creative with Hannah and her veil and I'm absolutely obsessed with how they turned out. The soft light, the classic look Hannah had, and the simple but dark wall made the whole aesthetic come together.

TIP: If you are debating whether to have a veil of not, consider having on just for photos because they add so much fun, movement, and texture.

We left the hotel and headed for the church for the ceremony!

This church is special for Hannah because it was where her father got married the year before and it is the church where our grandfather plays the organ every Sunday so of course he played the organ for her while she walked down the aisle. It was magical!

The pastor took a moment to pray with Hannah and Jaron before the ceremony began to ground them in their new walk of marriage with the Lord.

Although Jaron had already seen Hannah, he couldn't help but to cry when she walked down the aisle with her dad. It was a beautiful time of worshipping God and thanking him for bringing these two people together in love and faith.

From the church, we went to Salty's on Alki Beach for the reception.

We were going to have another couple photoshoot on the beach, but it was raining and Hannah didn't want to get her dress dirty in the sand so we stayed on the balcony outside of their banquet room which was great because we still got to take advantage of the natural light and have the skyline in the background!

Time to party!

For the rest of the night, everyone had a blast having drinks, eating dinner, making toasts, watching the first dances and then getting groovy on the dance floor together. This was such an energetic crowd that took advantage of every single second of time they had to make it the best night of Hannah and Jaron's lives.

I was able to break out my Kaleidoscope lens filter for some dance floor photos and they are SO fun!!