they nailed the outfits!

Washington Park Couple Photoshoot

Luna and River are some new great friends that I've made since moving to the Anacortes, Washington area. I found Luna on Instagram and thought she would make a great model, and turns out... I was right. I first reached out to her in the Spring of 2023 to do a floral photoshoot with me, (florals in spring, groundbreaking I know) and we've done many photoshoots together since! If you want to see our cozy Fall Bonfire Couple session from last year, check that out here.

When we were talking about what outfits we wanted to do, we agreed on a mix of traditional Pacific Northwest and Boho, and I think they totally nailed it! Luna and River have the perfect combination of typical Seattle/Bellingham grunge (Doc Martens and tattoos) with the color palette and simplicity of the Boho look (the cream/tan colors with the midi skirt - perfection!)

It was a very windy evening, so getting the movement in the skirt made it even better.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed there was a couple getting their wedding photos done (aww yay!) so we started by exploring the trails: focusing on the rocks, the view of the Anacortes neighborhood, and the grassy fields.

When planning your outfits for a photoshoot, a huge thing to keep in mind are the colors of the environment that you'll be in. It will level up your photos noticeably!

  • The color of the Luna's skirt and River's pants goes perfectly with the dirt trails.
  • River's shirt is a great neutral that matches the rocks, and
  • Luna's pop of cream brightens the whole thing which helps them stand out in the photos.

You don't need to match each other, or even wear the same colors. As long as you both stay within the same color palette.

These next few photos of them in the grass shows how the earth tones they are wearing goes perfectly with the muted greens.

We were really hoping to get some blue hour shots during this photoshoot (blue hour is the hour after the sun has set), but it was so windy and cold that we decided to wrap it early. Our last spot was at the top of the park, right next to the parking lot. We talked about the books we were reading, laughed through the shivers, and went on and on about how we need to actually hang out and not just take pictures together. Hopefully there will some fun plans with summer!

We enjoyed the sunset going down over the water and let the golden glow wash over these Bellingham babes before we wrapped.

If you want to see Luna and River's whole couple gallery, you can see that here.

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