Staircase on 35th

This is a staircase I stumbled upon when location scouting and I fell in love with it! It's just big enough to fit a couple (and their dog) and surround them with bountiful ivy plants with a raw wooden railing. It's a great spot to get some nature in your photos while you're in the middle of the city. It is a stairway to someone's home so you may need to get up and move a couple times, but we mostly were undisturbed. You can park at the Troll or in the public parking lot that's also on 35th while shooting here and all the following places (except for the bonus location at the end).

Underneath the Aurora Bridge

Just a short walk from the staircase, is the walking trail that goes underneath the Aurora Bridge. I love this spot because you get to incorporate a combination of textures and materials to make it an awesome backdrop for an urban photoshoot. It's better to go during the week so you don't have to spend half of your time dodging the bikers and walkers with their cute dogs, but if you can't avoid them then there are patches of grass to the side that you can stand on and while still getting the view of the bridge. Make sure to get photos from all angles!

Bench Underneath The Aurora Bridge

On the same walking path, there's a couple benches that sit right beneath the bridge. If you're able to get the one that is directly underneath it, take advantage of it because the symmetry and leading lines you can get with this angle is unbeatable! However, don't be afraid to take photos from the other side and take photos of your couple sitting on the bench normally. If you shoot with an upward angle, you'll still get the bridge above them and cover the random buildings on that side.

Fremont Bridge

What's awesome about taking pictures on this bridge is that the barricade before the bridge is absolutely gorgeous, so you don't have to actually walk on the bridge and you'll have way more room to get the angles you need while still getting the Aurora bridge in the background. If it hadn't been pouring down rain during this session, I would've explored a lot more poses with this couple like sitting with their backs against the barricade, one of them sitting up on top of it, etc etc.

You can walk here from the previous locations and walk up the stairs on the side to get up on top of the bridge or walk straight on from above.

Bonus! Carkeek Park

Now this location isn't necessarily in Fremont, but I was able to get here in less than 20 mins so we were able to end the photoshoot here at golden hour. Although it was a Friday evening, the rain luckily kept everyone inside so we had the whole beach to ourselves! I was super excited to get the wide angle down below since I knew it would be a breeze to edit without all the other beach dwellers there - especially with Zoe's amazing yellow jacket to stand out against the dark sand.

Not only does this park have this beach, but it has a big field of grass up above at the parking lots along with tree lined trails that you can use.

I hope this helps you plan you're next photoshoot, or if you're looking for a photographer, I'd love to work with you! Contact me here.

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