Since Washington is so well known for its moody and dense forests, I was surprised that it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to find a forest wedding venue that I loved that wasn't super far from Seattle. I'm a 2023 bride as well as a wedding photographer, so I'm determined to help all you other brides out there who are looking for their dream "forest/cabin/lodge" outdoor wedding venue!

These venues are best for those who...

  • are based near Seattle, Washington
  • are wanting to invite 100+ guests
  • don't necessarily need to be IN the forest, but are looking for that same VIBE
  • are okay with not having an indoor option in case of rain (some do, some don't)

Keep in mind that the pros and cons that are listed below are based off of my priorities as a bride and a wedding photographer, but your preferences and priorities could be different than mine so just because I listed something as bad, it might be something that doesn't bother you.

Maroni Meadows

Photo by @defycreativeco

Maroni Meadows is located in Snohomish, Washington - about 30 miles northeast of Seattle. It is a 5 acre property that has a beautiful mixture of tropical and northwest plants and trees. I know it sounds weird... but trust me... it looks so awesome! You can choose between two different areas to say your "I do's", get ready in an adorable ivy covered cabin, and take your photos in front of towering trees. It is located in a residential area which impacts your sound and timeline, but you wouldn't even know once you're inside the venue. They have beautiful lights that will make your whole reception glow! This is actually the venue that I ended up choosing for my own June wedding!

Guest Capacity: 200

2023 Pricing (10 hr rentals)

Friday - $6,100

Saturday - $6,300

Sunday - $5,800


  • You have the freedom to use your own caterer
  • Trees and plants EVERYWHERE
  • Beautiful exterior of the Bridal House
  • Super cool getting ready space for the groom
  • The owner of the venue is able to be your coordinator
  • Awesome Tiki bar
  • Lots of places for guests to hang out
  • Allows dogs during the ceremony


  • Not able to use a subwoofer
  • You are required to use their bartenders
  • No indoor ceremony option in case of rain
  • Not a whole lot of hotels in Snohomish

Find more information about Maroni Meadows here

The Lookout Lodge

Photo by @gsquaredwedding

The Lookout Lodge is also located in beautiful Snohomish, Washington. This venue will draw you in just on the ceremony spot alone! Your guests will be seated on stadium style log benches, the arbor is simple but stunning and allows you to take in the gorgeous mountain range located behind the lovely couple. The drive up the property feel grand and helps seclude you away from the world into a woodland fairytale. It is surrounded by "lush woodlands, incredible mountain views, earthy moss and greenery, and the backdrop of the beautiful wood Lodge (private residence)." You can escape into the forest on the property for your couples photos and quickly return to your party to dance the night away! When I toured in 2022, they said there were getting ready to make some big changes to the property (new getting ready suites, optional indoor ceremony site) but I don't see those changes reflected anywhere online.

Guest Capacity: 200

2023 Pricing

Friday - $7,000

Saturday - $8,000

Sunday - $8,000

Monday-Thursday - $6,000

*these prices do not include tax


  • Ceremony site!
  • You have the freedom to use your own caterer
  • 13 hour rental time
  • Allows dogs for ceremony
  • Has lots of beautiful photo options including forest, flowers, greenhouse, etc.
  • Possibility of renting out the Lodge on the property


  • Hard alcohol is only allowed during cocktail hour
  • No indoor ceremony option in case of rain
  • Bridal suite is not very well lit
  • Reception feels like "it's in someone's driveway"
  • Not a whole lot of hotels in Snohomish

Find more information about The Lookout Lodge here

Gold Mountain Golf Club

Photo by @leemyronphotography

Gold Mountain Golf Course is located in Bremerton, Washington - about 60 miles from Seattle, but it is absolutely STUNNING. I remember seeing photos of the ceremony space and my jaw dropped because of the amount of trees. It is exactly what I thought I wanted when looking for a wedding venue. It is a golf course so the grounds are manicured, gorgeous and so expansive, but it will feel like a golf course in all good and not-so-good ways. The catering is big chunk of the wedding package because that is where they make most of their money when booking these events which is what eventually turned me off of it, but I do know people that got married here and totally loved it!

Guest Capacity: Depends on where you choose to have your ceremony but 175-200

2024 Pricing

Pricing is not listed online but I remember that I toured it in 2022 because it appeared very affordable but they get you with their catering charges. They will give you more pricing information if you request more information/tour the venue.


  • The amount of trees that will be behind you while getting married!
  • Indoor ceremony option in case of rain
  • Beautiful outdoor decks for reception
  • Can order drinks and food from their cooks while getting ready


  • Have to use golf carts to get to the ceremony site
  • Conference room for bridal suite and no groom getting ready room
  • Since it is a golf course, it's going to feel like one. Golfers will still be there
  • Have to use their catering and can't bring outdoor beverages
  • Reception space feels very small, especially if you're going to be pushing their capacity

Find more information about Gold Mountain Golf Course here

Lake Wilderness Lodge

Photo by @rachelsyrisko

The Lake Wilderness Lodge is located in Maple Valley, Washington - less than 30 miles from Seattle. The Lodge is a community center so keep that in mind when you are looking at photos of it and touring it because although it's beautiful, it's not built as a wedding venue so things like getting ready rooms and things won't look like a typical venues. However, that means that you have total freedom with vendors because they don't have anything besides the space that they want to sell you. You are able to get married outside by the water or inside in front of the window which would give gorgeous light.

Guest Capacity: 250

2024 Pricing (depends on day of the week)

October - March: $3,520 - $5,500

April - May: $3,800 - $5,900

June - September: $4,400 - $7,350


  • Available all year round!
  • Right next to the water
  • Beautiful balcony that overlooks the water for cocktail hour + reception
  • Can use your own caterer
  • You can do a self guided tour
  • Indoor ceremony option in case of rain (I love the window inside!)
  • Super close to Seattle
  • Super detailed and helpful PDF file online


  • The indoor carpet
  • No cash bars allowed
  • No outdoor ceremonies between November - March
  • Changing rooms aren't very cute

Find more information about Lake Wilderness Lodge here

Twin Willow Gardens

Photo by @jordanvoth

Twin Willow Gardens is another breathtaking venue located in Snohomish, Washington. This venue is a great combination between a garden and forest that looks fabulous throughout wedding season. You'll get married surrounded by a variety of trees that will tower over you while filtering sunlight beautifully during your ceremony. There are also plenty of winding paths throughout the property that will lead your guests into the gardens that were planted by their master gardener. The giant arbor is such a statement piece that you can customize to match your own wedding aesthetic. Many of their buildings are even built from trees that were on the property - so cool!

Guest Capacity: 150

2024 Pricing (13 hr rentals)

Friday - $8,000

Saturday - $8,500

Sunday - No weddings


  • 2 tiny homes for wedding party with private restrooms
  • Gorgeous willow tree on property for photos
  • Beautiful greenery and gardens for photos and guests to wander through
  • Wooden benches at the ceremony site
  • Chandeliers come with the reception tent that can be decorated
  • Lots of places for your guests to explore and hang out


  • Your caterer has to be from their required vendors list
  • Day of Coordinator has to be from their required vendors list
  • Your DJ must be from their required vendors list
  • Limited availability so it fills up quick!
  • No indoor ceremony option in case of rain

Find more information about Twin Willow Gardens here

JM Cellars Winery

Photo by @tetianaphotography

A winery isn't usually what you think when you're expecting a forest wedding venue, but it has a beautiful outdoor ceremony space while also having the building that gives dark and moody vibes. JM Cellars is located in Woodinville, Washington - about 20 miles from Seattle. If you are looking for a more classy venue but still want an awesome Pacific Northwest forest backdrop, this is a great option for you! The combination of the secluded outdoor areas with the amazing exterior of the buildings makes for amazing photo locations.

Guest Capacity: 100

2024 Pricing

July - September: $8,200

May, June, October: $7,700

November - April: $7,400

*JM wine and Hops & Seed Beer, taxes, and gratuity are not included in pricing


  • JM provides wine and beer for your event according to your beverage minimum
  • Indoor ceremony option in case of rain
  • Getting ready spaces for bridal party
  • Moody and ambient lighting inside (and outside)
  • Onsite venue manager for rehearsal and day of event
  • Available all year long!


  • Required beverage minimum
  • Limited parking so valet services are critical
  • Limited handicap accessibility
  • Limited guest capacity

Find more information about JM Cellars here

Trinity Tree Farm

Photo by @gina.paulson

Trinity Tree Farm is a wedding venue located in Issaquah, Washington - less than 20 miles from Seattle. This property is a 40 acre venue with two different buildings that you can choose for your ceremony and reception depending on what sort of look you prefer - The Barn or The Lodge. Since it's on a tree farm, you can use that area for photos which is amazing, especially for fall and winter weddings! This was my dream wedding venue before I was engaged and convinced that this is where I was going to get married. I toured it in 2022 and felt like it would be very crowded for a 150 guest dinner, and I wasn't in LOVE with the ceremony site enough to spend the money required. However, I loved the getting ready spaces and the Lodge building is absolutely stunning!

Guest Capacity: 150

2023 Pricing

I couldn't find detailed / updated pricing online but here is a range that will depend on what day of the week and what time of year you choose.

$3,000 - $8,900


  • Very spacious getting ready spaces for bridal party
  • Indoor ceremony option in case of rain
  • Two building options depending on the vibe that you like
  • So many twinkly lights!
  • Woman owned business


  • Small reception space (more than 100 would feel squished)
  • Outdoor ceremony site is not very exciting

Find more information for Trinity Tree Farm here

I hope this article helped you in your wedding planning process! This is a choice that can feel so overwhelming but make sure to enjoy this part and tour as many places as you can. Touring venues can be so much fun, get such great information, and have all your questions answered. The more you see, the more confident you'll be in your decision because the venue is the foundation for your event!

If you're also looking for a wedding photographer, I would love nothing more than to work with you! I am a 2023 bride and photographer who adores the forest vibe for weddings and they are my favorite venues to shoot at! If you would like to see more of my work, click here. If you would like to contact me so we can start talking about your big day, click here.

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