What will your photos look and feel like?

most people forget that when they are hiring a photographer, it's not just the shooting time they are paying for, but all the time editing and creating their unique look and feel. so remember to not shop for the price, shop for what you love to look at!
the look and feel


movement + detail

Not only do I find the nature of the subject beautiful, but I want the photo to have a sense of love and beauty about it. I encourage movement in order to create an effortless and flowy feeling. I pay attention to details and create art out of them.


color + tones

I take inspiration from the Pacific Northwest environment to ensure rich colors, dramatic shadows, and earthy tones. I want your photos to look like they just got done with a hike in the rain with their dog and a Starbucks coffee in their hand.


true to life + skin tone

The colors in your photos will reflect how they were on the day of the shoot, just with a little help to make them pop. I also make sure your skin tone is accurate, but with a touch of warmth and glow.


Beverly + Sterling

Lacey did our engagement and wedding photos. Working with Lacey was absolutely phenomenal. She is very professional and brings an awesome attitude. Lacey's questionnaire assisted in planning and getting everyone on the same timeline. Lacey has captured our special day and immortalized it for us! We will recommend Lacey to anyone that is looking for a fun but professional photographer!