I woke up on the day of Alysse + Andrew got married on Memorial Day weekend and the predicted weather was 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms. I came prepared for that weather in mind and it couldn't have been more wrong! The day did start off cloudy but it turned into such a stunning, sunny, and windy day that carried everyone through the celebration.

The wedding party and family members got ready at the Viewpoint Landing hotel in Cathlamet, Washington. I was so excited when I stepped into the hotel rooms because there were big windows everywhere that was letting that soft light in to help me get all those detail shots. Alysse had her cousin and friends help her with her hair and makeup that made for a tender and relaxed environment. The rest of the bridesmaids were getting ready at the same table with their own personal mirrors so everyone was together, chatting, and blasting Taylor Swift together which was such a good start to the day! Meanwhile, the boys were in the next room drinking beer, eating breakfast, and playing the grooms favorite game: Cribbage.

We moved on to the reception space for group and couple photos and this is where the sun and wind came out to play. The wind ended up creating such fun photos that I believe are some of my favorites from the whole gallery. However, once it came to family photos I had us move to the ceremony space that was indoors so we could keep everyone close together, have the lighting be even, and avoid the wind blowing everyone's hair everywhere. As fun as that would be haha.

Staying in the ceremony space, The Pioneer Church in Cathlamet, Washington is a classic, white church building with many windows that continued to allow that light inside. The vows were written by the bride and groom, the ceremony was officiated by their friends so it felt deeply personal and vulnerable. It was beautiful to witness.

I was so impressed with every space that we walked into for this event, and the reception space did not disappoint! It was inside a new space called River Mile 38 that again, had the most beautiful garage doors/windows that let all the golden hour light in which lit up the room in such a stunning way. I couldn't stop taking photos of all the flowers, tables capes, details, and room itself. The flowers were done by Pollen Floral Works and they were a wildflower dream!

They served the best dinner I've yet to have at a wedding from As You Wish NW Catering, had beautiful and heartfelt toasts from their family and friends, danced together for the first time as husband and wife, and continued to dance the night away with all their special people surrounding them. Seriously, danced the night away, I heard they didn't leave until 12:30am!

I am seriously honored to have captured Andrew + Alysse's intimate engagement photos inside their home back at the end of 2022 and now their long awaited special day last Saturday.

I hope you enjoy these sneak peaks that the couple received within 24 hours of their wedding as much as I do. I absolutely took some of my new favorite phots of the year!

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