when you have to change your venue less than a week away from your wedding...


You read that right! Bailey and Daniel had to change their venue 5 days before their wedding day due to a fire happening at their original venue. The crazy thing is, the fire was happening down the street from MY very own wedding! When Bailey called me the next day to let me know that they were being relocated, she was stressed and worried (obviously) and told me they were now going to get married at a venue called Maroni Meadows. The even crazier thing is that that was the very SAME venue I got married at the day before!

Although Bailey was mourning her original vision of her special day, I was relieved to be able to tell her that I not only know her new venue, but love it so much!

Bailey and Daniel are friends of mine from middle school. I got to know them individually through our school years, and I was so happy when I found out they were officially a couple after we graduated. And then when they asked me to capture their engagement in 2022 and then their wedding photos in 2023, I was over the moon! I love when I get to give my friends photos that they will love forever.

Their wedding was an enchanting day surrounded by the most supportive friends and family, and a lot of trees. From the tearful private gift exchange, the hilarious vows and ceremony, (Daniel got ICED three times throughout the day, including the ceremony) along with a Emo Nite dance floor (and an outfit change for the couple and wedding party), it was one of the most fun weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing.